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Kootenay Botanicals – Trim (Indica)

(13 customer reviews)


Contains: 28g of Indica Trim

Earn 35 Points worth $1.75!
Earn 35 Points worth $1.75!
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Cannabis Trim


Although it is often ignored, Cannabis trim is very versatile in everyday applications. Methods of use include making budder, edibles, wax, collecting hash, kief, and the list goes on!

Contains: 28g of Indica Trim

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28 Grams

13 reviews for Kootenay Botanicals – Trim (Indica)

  1. Basstich (verified owner)

    Amazing value for price. Great for making concentrates or edibles

  2. rclp0zrg (verified owner)

    Unbeatable for smoking on a budget. A bit harsh, but we get used to it easily. Will buy again!

  3. Duffman6988 (verified owner)

    Decent stuff

  4. IntenceIceI5 (verified owner)

    Looking to smoke it… Maybe but harsh. But use it as an oil and your golden.

  5. Jay4Joy7 (verified owner)

    I personally prefer edibles over smoking. This is the greatest and most economic way to make cannabis infused butter or coconut oil. Then I make keto friendly treats. I will always buy this trim.

  6. coppino (verified owner)

    Great deal and quality for shake! Decent amount of trim and not all seeds and stems. Great for homemade edibles, and even in a pinch to smoke!

  7. Serge Junior (verified owner)

    incredible value. I smoke it. I fly a bit, a few minutes later, I sleep.

  8. miryanak (verified owner)

    This is going to be in my cart every single time I order from now on 🙂

  9. MyNameJeff (verified owner)

    Incredible value. Potent when smoked. Stocked up and will be buying again!

  10. IntenceIceI5 (verified owner)

    Does the job. Can be smoked…. but not the greatest. Makes a decent oil and gets you where you need to be

  11. QuiteSomething (verified owner)

    Very clean, satisfying to smoke. Happy with this shake. 🙂

  12. Benpioger (verified owner)

    Keep me high hope you got a lot…thank for the nice product

  13. Sourdiesel133 (verified owner)

    Cant beat the price. Didnt smell bad and even had the odd nug. Great to make some old school mean green or edibles!

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