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Cannabis Accessories

Cannabis Accessories (420 Supplies)

Whether you’re a smoke queen, tincture man, or gummy girl, we all appreciate things that make our lives a little easier. From pre-rolled papers to stash boxes and everything in between, having the right accessories is an essential part of the cannabis experience.

From rolling papers to hemp wraps and more, check out these perfect accompaniments to elevate your next smoke session.

Most Popular Cannabis Accessories:

Juicy Jay Hemp Wraps

Pure Hemp Unbleached Rolling Papers

5 Essential Weed Accessories 

Our cannabis accessories contain the same level of quality as everything else on our website, and the following accessories are an essential part of anyone’s cannabis kit.

1. Rolling Papers

Rolling papers are thin sheets that encase your substance. These papers are commonly made of hemp, wood pulp, flax, or rice straw to add different characteristics to your smoking experience.

Whether you’re putting together your first smoking kit or looking to add to your collection, our tobacco-free Juicy Hemp Wraps and Unbleached Rolling Papers will spice up any smoke session.

2. Rolling Machine

If you don’t have the time to roll a tight joint, or don’t know how to do it, grab a rolling machine. It’s easy to use. With this machine, you can roll a picture-perfect dream joint every time.

3. Bong

Bongs are water pipes that can enhance your smoking experience by filtering the smoke which makes it smoother.

4. Grinder

Grinders simplify the process of making the perfect joint. While you can easily rip the flower up with your fingers, an herb grinder will help you get a much more consistent, fine-textured stash. Plus, it will also gather kief, which you can use to enhance your next bowl of weed for a more potent hit.

5. Stash Jar

A stash jar will help keep your flower fresher for longer. The ideal stash jar will be glass, much like the ones we store our premium Craft Series strains in.

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