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Cannabis Tinctures & Capsules

THC Tinctures & Capsules

Cannabis tinctures are a form of cannabis concentrate with THC dissolved in an oil or alcohol that lets you enjoy the benefits of cannabis without inhaling the smoke or vapor from the cannabis flowers themselves.

THC tinctures come in a small bottle with a dropper for easy dosing, making them not only a breeze to use, but one of the most discreet forms of cannabis available. Capsules are tincture oils in conveniently dosed pills.

Other popular forms of cannabis that are perfect for discreetly dosing on the go include edibles and vaping.

Most Popular THC Tinctures & Capsules:

MOTA Tinctures

Miss Envy CBD Capsules

Miss Envy Tinctures

Benefits of Tinctures (THC):

Tinctures are one of the easiest cannabis products to dose, making them ideal for beginners or anyone looking to explore more controlled dosing.

When you administer them sublingually, which means ‘under the tongue’, tinctures take 15 to 30 minutes to kick in, which is considerably faster than eating an edible. If you swallow the tincture instead, however, the effects will take as long as other edibles, which can be upwards of an hour.

If you want to consume cannabis discreetly, tinctures are an excellent option. Tinctures have no lingering odor, and you can easily place a few drops under your tongue or on your food without anyone noticing.

The alcohol base in cannabis tinctures preserves the plant compounds and ensures they stay active for an extended period. When properly stored, a cannabis tincture can last for many years. They’re an economical option if you want to save money on your marijuana purchases without compromising the benefits.

How to Use Tinctures (THC):

Thanks to their high THC concentration, tinctures should be taken in small doses. They often come with a built-in dropper, which allows you to take small, well-measured amounts.

The most popular method of using a tincture is by administering it sublingually. This method involves putting a few drops of the product underneath your tongue. You can also add a few drops to your drink or mix them into your food.

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