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Cannabis Pre-Rolls

Cannabis Pre-Rolled Joints

No time to roll? That’s why we have pre-rolled joints. These pre-rolls are crafted with choice cannabis flower and a filter for your smoking pleasure at any time! Our craft dispensary carries a variety of pre rolls to suit the needs of every cannabis enthusiast.

A pre-roll is a joint that comes already prepared by our vendors, or in-house from our dispensary. That means you don’t need to grind, roll, or seal the cannabis flower into a joint, it’s all done for you. Pre-rolls usually come in strain-specific aromas and vary in size and potency. You can purchase them containing hybrid, indica or sativa flowers.

They often consist of a rollie, ground cannabis, and a filter at the base. These premade joints can be either regular or infused. Infused pre-rolls contain concentrates to enhance their potency.

Pre-rolls are an excellent option for first-time cannabis users. Infused pre-rolls are best for experienced users with a higher THC tolerance.

Most Popular Cannabis Pre-Rolls:

Kootenay Botanicals Pre-Rolls

Shhhh Pre Rolled Joints

Flowerpwr Pre-rolls

Skookum Pre Rolled Mixer Pack

Benefits of Pre-Rolls:

Pre-rolls provide cannabis users with many benefits, including convenience and storability. With pre-rolls, you won’t waste time grinding your cannabis flower before loading a bong or rolling the product into a joint.

Pre-rolled joints come packaged in reusable containers, and range in potency to meet the needs of even the most discerning consumer. They’re great to share with friends, give as gifts, and bring to parties.

Pre-rolls allow consumers who don’t know how to roll their joints to enjoy a well-rolled joint. They are also affordable, and you can purchase them individually or in packs of at least three.

How to Use Pre-Rolled Joints:

Pre-rolls come ready to use. They don’t require any preparation, and all you need is a lighter. Smoking a pre-roll is an excellent way to ingest marijuana, as the product is quickly delivered to your bloodstream to start providing its beneficial effects.

Dosage often depends on personal preference. Most pre-rolls come in either 0.5 or 1.0-gram sizes, in packs of one or more. The different sizes and packaging enable you to control portions, so you can only smoke as much as you desire in one sitting.

If you’re getting started with pre-rolls, it’s advisable to start slow. Choose products with low THC and equal-or-higher CBD. Take a puff and wait 15 minutes to see how it works before continuing.

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