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Indica Strains

Indica Cannabis Strains

Indica strains are well-known for producing the in-da-couch effect. They usually pack a punch and are great for relaxation and pain relief. Indica cannabis flower has dense buds which are a pleasure to consume, both in flavour and effects. Our online dispensary carries many Indica strains, as well as pre-rolled joints.

Indica cannabis flower is one of the two dominant cannabis strains. Cannabis Indica plants grow faster than Sativa, and these short, stocky plants produce more buds. This strain is native to India, Turkey, Pakistan, and Afghanistan.

It usually has a higher ratio of CBD to THC than Sativa. It’s popular for its full-body sedative effects and is a favourite for individuals looking to relax or who need a better night’s sleep. It has also been known to increase appetite. Other factors, though, such as body weight, dosage amount, and how it is consumed, also determine what effects Indica cannabis has on a person.

The flavours and aromas of Cannabis Indica include skunk, pine, ash, earth, and a sweet and sugary fruit flavour.

Most Popular Indica Cannabis Flower:

Indica Sample Pack (8 grams assorted Indica strains)

Indica Trim ($35 / 28g)

Skookum AAAA Craft – Do-Si-Pie

Platinum Kush

Death Bubba

Benefits of Cannabis Indica Flower:

According to a report published in the Swiss academic journal Medicines, Cannabis Indica flowers can potentially improve insomnia. Research has also shown that high-CBD cannabis is more effective in relieving anxiety than high-THC cannabis. Indica is one of the best muscle relaxers you can find. Pain and inflammation relief is one of the significant therapeutic effects of Cannabis Indica.

In 2018, the prescription drug Epidiolex became the first-ever organic cannabis medication to gain FDA approval. The drug can treat unique kinds of epilepsy that cause numerous seizures per week in patients. It is a CBD-based drug — research has shown that Indica strains have more CBD than its Sativa counterparts.

How to Use Indica Cannabis Flower:

Cannabis Indica is best used at night when you want to relax. It offers excellent relaxation at higher doses for individuals who wish to unwind. It’s an ideal option if you’re looking to unwind from a long, tiresome day or week.

There are many ways of using the Indica cannabis flower, and each method delivers a different desired effect. If you want to get an almost instant effect, smoking is the best method. If you want a healthier alternative to smoking, try vaporization.

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