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3g Disposable Vape (Diamond Concentrates) – Distillate

(24 customer reviews)


3 Gram Disposable Vape

Earn 55 Points worth $2.75!
Earn 55 Points worth $2.75!
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Allow us to introduce Diamond Concentrate?s line of rechargeable disposable vape pens!? With a sleek and durable design, it is backed with smooth and easy functionality. Draw activated and convenient! Staying ahead of the overall curve, Diamond has raised the bar by including Live Resin and HTFSE, as well as distillate in these pens.

Diamond Concentrates upholds a higher standard by stringently controlling each process in their production from seed to sale. Deriving their knowledge and techniques from Californian extraction artists, they were able to implement what they learned to consistently produce the reliable and quality product that they have today. All extracts are lab tested for THC & CBD levels and also scrutinized for aroma, flavour, appearance, and effect. This is all achieved by using quality source materials, only choosing to nug run, and utilizing premium purging methods to remove any impurities which results in a pure concentrate with high terpene profiles.


Pull Activated

Draw for up to five seconds

Inhale and exhale comfortably

USB-C port for charging* Charging cable not included*

Each pen contains 3g of oil, available in Distillate, Live Resin and HTFSE.

Propylene Glycol-Free, Vegetable Glycerin-Free, Solvent Free, Organic Base

Ingredients: MCT oil, Distillate D9 and organic terpenes.

Additional information


Blueberry Diesel, Cotton Candy, Champagne Kush, Blackberry Kush, White Widow, Zkittles, Cherry Blaster, Lime Sorbet, Lychee

24 reviews for 3g Disposable Vape (Diamond Concentrates) – Distillate

  1. fishingparadise27 (verified owner)

    Good taste with the added Terps but not the biggest distillate fan, would prefer dist w/ live resin blend but these are discreet & last awhile.

  2. aliallameh.1990 (verified owner)

    Very bad experience! Almost 2 ml wated by leaking inside the disposable

  3. MandiAdora (verified owner)

    These ones leak. I got 2 of them, and both have a bad leakage problem, where the distillate is literally all over the device. You’ll want to keep them stored in the box, and they will come out sticky. I’m surprised, as Diamond is usually a great brand.

  4. lucy.agligoetok (verified owner)

    Really smooth 🤌

  5. brock.howard (verified owner)

    very good quality

  6. alexsarcevic20 (verified owner)

    Nice design and hits smooth with good flavour

  7. lorrie.brooks (verified owner)

    Love this great taste!

  8. lorrie.brooks (verified owner)

    This one has a lovely flavour!!

  9. lorrie.brooks (verified owner)

    This one is just OK. I find the fluid much thinner, than the others . It seemed to burn faster too. Still a decent hit and acceptable Flavor.

  10. amandacullum (verified owner)

    By far better than the “burn” brand. Stays smooth even when it’s down to 1gram. Wish there were more fruity flavors! Do try if u like sweet smoke.

  11. jerome.roussel (verified owner)

    great taste but no high really for me.

  12. alexis.lapointe (verified owner)

    Apart from the leaking when the tank gets near empty, it tastes great and gets the job done.

  13. cindymatthews10 (verified owner)

    Love the 3G cuz more bang for your buck obvi, only thing is I find it gets clogged faster sometimes but could just be I’m not smoking it fast enough

  14. Maeve1423 (verified owner)

    Coton candy taste really sweet, really loved that one! Just have one complaint, it leaks pretty bad near the end of it’s usable “life”.

  15. kvermes (verified owner)

    if you prefer a more subtle taste and high this one is great, it’s soothing and helped me relax (but a lot more mental relaxation than physical)

  16. Maeve1423 (verified owner)

    Really love it! Taste sweet 🙂

  17. jkarleen69 (verified owner)

    Tastes good and has a stealthy look. Would recommend

  18. ToleranceGod (verified owner)

    For the price, and being a 3G disposable, this is solid.

    I also ordered a Burn 3G disposable and have some cool things to compare!
    *Diamond distillate is a lot less thick
    * Not filled to the top
    * display glass isn’t as big
    * light is harder to see
    * will blink quicker
    * charges quicker
    * has a skin for each option

    Conclusion: This is a no brainer compared to 1G carts, but I liked the Burn 3G better.

  19. EpitomeOf (verified owner)

    These things were awesome.

  20. mathieuroy077 (verified owner)

    Vraiment aimé!!

  21. Mike2022 (verified owner)

    Great taste, really sweet on Blackberry Kush version.

  22. ashker20 (verified owner)

    Loved it was amazing 🤩

  23. Dontiglio (verified owner)

    Great taste and high will order again!

  24. Dabbqueen (verified owner)

    Love it ! I got the cotton candy flavour and it tastes amazing !

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