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The Vape Refill Mixer (4x)

(9 customer reviews)

Original price was: $84.00 – $192.00.Current price is: $79.80 – $182.40.

Exclusive! Buy 4 Vape Refills & get 5% off!

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The Vape Refill Mixer

With our Vape Cartridge Mixer, you’ve got options! Whether you want to stock up on your favourite vape cartridges or try something newit’s the perfect way to ensure you’ll never run out. Simply mix and match 4 vape refill cartridges and you’ll save money, automaticallySo check out our menu, see the great brands we offer, and get ready to take your vape sesh to the next level.

Looking for a convenient and easy way to enjoy vaping without the fiddly spin on cartidges? Our Disposable Vape pen mixer is just what you need!

9 reviews for The Vape Refill Mixer (4x)

  1. fishingparadise27 (verified owner)

    Always get these when available, perfect quality & never clog, always my go-to

  2. Gordo75 (verified owner)

    Would be a 5 star review. Great selections, good price!!! Only issue is more website related: if you get a faulty cart, you can’t make a review to it directly here.

  3. liljonthompson36 (verified owner)

    great variety for good price

  4. rclp0zrg (verified owner)

    Great price for a nice selection. It provides the ocasion to try multiple quality cartridges for a good deal !

  5. johnbaker-8022 (verified owner)

    Good for testing out a few carts at a decent price

  6. Usernam3420 (verified owner)

    Vapes have been hit and miss for me in the past, so this was nice to try a few different offerings at a bit of a discount.

  7. matthew.mommo (verified owner)

    Great prices and great product

  8. fred.macdonald (verified owner)

    I was very impressed with the speed of delivery and the excellent prices lowest seen so far 😁 Thanks Kootenay Oldmac

  9. Robbie F (verified owner)

    Love saving on cartridges and having a great selection makes it that much better

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