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Cannalean THC Syrup (Vancity Labs)

(19 customer reviews)


10 Servings Per Bottle

100mg THC / 10 ml of syrup

Earn 38 Points worth $1.90!
Earn 38 Points worth $1.90!
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Cannalean THC Syrup – Vancity Labs

Vancity Labs’ Cannalean is a THC infused syrup with 1000mg total THC dosage. The syrup is designed for nano-enhanced delivery. Suggested to have a total of 10 servings (100mg THC / 10 ml of syrup).

You can feel the difference with a scientifically proven formula that works! Be careful though. The effects are much stronger than regular edibles. Don’t need to be a hero, not all heroes can guzzle 100mg. Best served in Sprite.

Learn more about THC Syrup & CannaLean in our blog!

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Blue Raspberry, Cherry, Grape, Watermelon, Unflavoured

19 reviews for Cannalean THC Syrup (Vancity Labs)

  1. chewbaccamain420 (verified owner)

    Best flavour

  2. bkostiuk59 (verified owner)


  3. ren.longwaters (verified owner)

    The packaging is what sold me. Why yes I WILL judge a book by its cover. Look how cute the bottle is! I offer a lil zip zop of this to everyone who enters my home. Definitely a sleepy time high.

  4. alexsarcevic20 (verified owner)

    Good flavour and hits hard

  5. gelineausonia (verified owner)

    Good taste high ok but can be better

  6. liljonthompson36 (verified owner)

    very relaxing high, got grape and it tastes good!

  7. j-$ (verified owner)

    can’t go wrong with this stuff. potent and quick. nothing else comes close!

  8. Stayhip (verified owner)

    Too sweet for my liking but a good strong high!

  9. EpitomeOf (verified owner)

    Im ngl nothing happened to me when I had this. I started off slow because I never had this stuff before and well nothing really happened. I stepped it up by jugging 400ml of it and still nothing lol. But I imagine if you were to down the whole thing then yeah… I guess you can get pretty ripped for one day or night for $40

  10. IntenceIceI5 (verified owner)

    Grape tastes like a grape lollipop pretty good. High is decent but not as long lastinf as I had hoped.

  11. nappitz (verified owner)

    I enjoyed it. I got the Blue Raspberry and Cherry flavours and both did not disappoint. Small bottle and runs out fast is my only real complaint.

  12. connorgalbraith06 (verified owner)

    Watermelon tasted amazing worked pretty well

  13. a.plantperson6 (verified owner)

    I love this stuff! It’s such a good time. Definitely great for socializing. But definitely start low go slow! It packs a punch!

  14. gbone (verified owner)

    Hits hard and fast! Watermelon flavour tasted like anything but watermelon…..not what I bought it for. Does the the job more effectively than regular edibles due to the nano enhanced delivery.

  15. dogsarecool (verified owner)

    Watermelon flavor was pretty tasty and potent 🙂

  16. jesseroy747 (verified owner)

    This syrup is legit. Tastes good and it’s very effective against anxiety and insomnia. Well done Vancity Labs!

  17. Leroy Bees (verified owner)

    Basic format: 1000mg syrup bottle. Bag Appeal: 8 The bottle had the medical look. Nose: 8.5 The syrup does smell like Blue Raspberry. Taste: 9/10 I loved it, It tasted exactly like the blue raspberry Mr. Freeze. Smoke/Burn Quality: You can take it in a drink or straight. Potency: 9/10 I’m not sure how long it s supposed to normally take to feel the effects, but I felt them very quickly. The potency is very nice and it lasted a few hours. Overall Rating and Value (1-10): 9.5/10

  18. Earl Burkes (verified owner)

    Homerun from Vancity labs! Pretty effective.

  19. zenandtheartofeatingchocolate (verified owner)

    I’ve been using this as a sleeping aid and it has been excellent. It took a few times to figure out the correct dosage for sleeping and not being too high. I really like being able to easily take the dosage I want and to have consistent results every time.For me, It is effective at 1.5 tsps to fall asleep and not wake up throughout the night.

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