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Budder (Kootenay Labs)

(16 customer reviews)


1 Gram

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Kootenay Labs Budder

1 Gram

Straight out of British Columbia’s pristine Slocan Valley, Kootenay Labs brings us yet another of their top quality extracts – Budder! This budder, made with dabbing in mind, is ultra-smooth, highly potent, and tasty to boot!

We’re different from other cannabis companies.

We believe that medicine can be fun. We believe that through research and rigorous testing (getting high), we can finely tune the individual experience of life by making colours brighter, pain duller and laughs harder.

Simply the best

We use the best flower for our extracts.

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Diesel Cookies, Phoenix Bubba Kush, Banana Butter, Island Punch, Wedding Crasher, Sophie's Breath, Mint Chocolate Chip/Widow Cheese, Diesel Cookies/Mimosa, Amnesia Haze, Blue Magoo Cookies/ Holy Grail, Sour Diesel/ Mint Chocolate Chip, Sugar Shack, Summer, Wedding Crasher/Trainwreck, Gorilla Hammer, Blue Dream, Candy Land, Sour Tangie, Alaskan Thunder Fuck, Do Si Dos, Mandalorian, Purple Trainwreck, Snowball, Watermelon Cookies, Jet Fuel Gelato, Orange Kush Cake, Sugar Cane, Tropicana Cookies, Troporaurus, Banana Punch, Gas Daddy, Snow Storm, Strawberry Jam, Candy Store, Jokerz Candy, Orange Crunch, Northern Lights, Death Cookies, Jedi Kush, Minty Stacks, Romulan, Silver Surfer, Candy Store, Gelato, Ghost Train, Violet Fever, Kenny Pink, Grease Monkey, Greasy Runtz, LA Pop Rocks, Pink Lemonade, Watermelon Cookies

16 reviews for Budder (Kootenay Labs)

  1. cagclose2 (verified owner)

    Really enjoyed this product

  2. juisedata-1844 (verified owner)

    dual dab with diamonds or resin

  3. 05_duopoly.riptide (verified owner)

    Enjoyed it very much. Good daytime strain and hit nice and smooth.

  4. Basstich (verified owner)

    Extremely smooth and rare find at your local dispenser. Budda is awesome

  5. Netlight (verified owner)

    Excellent price! Terpy with great potency! Will definitely purchase again!

  6. mike.baden (verified owner)

    Very good taste

  7. mike.baden (verified owner)

    Super tasty

  8. Leroy Bees (verified owner)

    I had the Gorilla Candy, it was nice. Smooth texture, Orangeish toffee colour, soft texture and great potency.

  9. IntenceIceI5 (verified owner)

    Consistent and priced right how can you go wrong.

  10. Bigstace13 (verified owner)

    Great deal once again. Nice chunks of budder and greatness texture. Easy to work with. Hits smooth

  11. sarah.hedman (verified owner)

    this was super light coloured and clean to taste! Highly recommend

  12. mikey114 (verified owner)

    Excellent deal, have tried several different flavors and this is great budder!

  13. Jayk47 (verified owner)

    20 bucks well spent. Highly recommended

  14. MDNMJ (verified owner)

    Very good budder.good to throw in a joint or dab before bed

  15. Duffman6988 (verified owner)

    Good budder with lots of aromas.

  16. Schurch (verified owner)


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