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Bubba Kush (Jungle Ridge)

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THC: 18-20%

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If you’re craving a sweet smoke that leaves you relaxed, then Bubba Kush is for you. The genetic history of this strain can be traced back to the Hindu Kush mountains; however, its complete history is almost unknown due to poor documentation. Sporting frosty colas and a resinous touch, you will be very pleased with the value. Upon smoking, you will be introduced to an earthy and sweet taste accompanied by a piney scent.

Bubba Kush will impart a relaxing body high that will leave you couch locked. Although Bubba Kush can relieve many ailments, it is not a daytime strain; that is unless you plan on sleeping your day away.

Flavours/Aromas: Earthy, Hash, Herbal, Spicy
Effects: Calming, Euphoria, Happy, Relaxing
Medical Uses: Chronic Pain, Cramps, Depression

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28g, 14g

2 reviews for Bubba Kush (Jungle Ridge)

  1. Leroy Bees (verified owner)

    Good bud, loved it

  2. calwalker3333 (verified owner)

    Exactly how bubba kush should be. Perfect in a late night joint

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