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CBD for Pets

CBD for Pets (Dogs & Cats)

Watching your pet suffer from pain, anxiety, or seizures is an upsetting thing. To ease their pain, many pet parents are increasingly turning to CBD for Pets (Cannabidiol).

CBD is a compound found in the cannabis plant that has significant healing properties and it can help your furry friend with various conditions like anxiety, pain, and skin irritation.

Most importantly, our CBD products for pets are safe, completely non-psychoactive, and they come in a variety of different forms like CBD tinctures, pet treats, and balms.

Most Popular Pets CBD:

Bully Bits CBD Dog Treats

Animalitos Cat Tincture

Animalitos Dog Tincture

Benefits of CBD for Pets:

People use CBD to manage their own ailments or enhance their quality of life all the time, but many are unaware that animals have an endocannabinoid system just like us, and that’s why CBD can help our pets, too.

Studies show CBD effectively eases arthritis-related pain, reduces the frequency and intensity of seizures, and manages digestive problems- not just in humans, but animals, too!

That’s not all. CBD for pets is an excellent antidote for anxiety, nausea, cancer symptoms, and skin conditions, among other health issues.

How to Use CBD for your Pet:

CBD for pets comes in many forms like tinctures, balms, and treats. Since most cats and dogs do not mind CBD’s taste, you can easily have them lick a few drops of tincture off your hand, or you can add a few drops to their food.

When administering CBD for pets, start slow. Give your pet a low dose, then track its reaction. If there’s no adverse effect, increase the dose until you attain the desired result. Please be aware that a regular dose for a human will usually be too much for your pet, as we are much bigger than they are.

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