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Kief (Dry Sift)

Buy Cannabis Kief in Canada

Kief refers to the sticky crystals on cannabis buds and it’s known for packing a potent high because it’s rich in cannabinoids and terpenes, the main cannabis compounds. People have been using kief for thousands of years, making it one of the oldest cannabis concentrates.

Many aren’t aware that hash, another popular concentrate, is made with kief- in fact, hash is just kief pressed together in a block. So if you’re into kief, make sure to check out our fine selection of premium hash, too!

Most Popular Kief:

Treat yourself to finely sifted Kif — Pink Kush from Kootenay Botanicals, an amazing Kief that blends the aromas of sweet berries with a hint of vanilla.

Benefits of Dry Sift:

Kief is easy to prepare and use as it’s a natural form of concentrated cannabis and it has a longer shelf-life and greater potency than regular flower.

While regular flower usually tests in the range of 10 – 30% THC, kief can have THC levels upwards of 50%, although the potency will vary depending on the strain the kief is sourced from.

But either way, kief is a significant bump up from the average THC in cannabis buds. So, it’s ideal for increasing your cannabinoid intake and if you want a stronger high.

How to Use Kief (Kif):

Most people want to try their crystals through different methods. Kief is versatile, meaning you can add it to edibles, roll it into your joints, or sprinkle it onto your bowl for an added kick. If you want to smoke kief as it is, you can do this as well.

If you’re looking for an elevated high, you can create a kief-coated joint. Lick the exterior of the joint to dampen it then roll a third of the joint in kief.

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